FATN Talking News relies on Volunteers to help us with our Talking News services. Please Contact Us by telephone, post or e-mail if you are interested in volunteering with us.

A short video that shows how FATN’s Volunteers create and distribute a weekly edition


A Reader is part of a small team that selects news stories for the weekly edition, and reads the stories during the recording session. We will ask you to attend an audition before joining us as a Reader, and will train you in editing and reading techniques.

All team members select articles from the local papers, and then edit them to shorten long articles and tidy up others. We then move into the recording studio and we are joined by the recording engineer. Each member of the reading team reads an article, continuing in turn around the table.

The team comprises a leader (Presenter) and three Readers.

Each session lasts about 3 1/2 hours, and each reader is scheduled for a session about once every 3 weeks on average.

We have two editions each week, one for each of our areas. We edit and record one edition on Thursdays, and one on Friday mornings. The roster takes account of reader availability.

Volunteer Readers should have an engaging and flowing reading style, and be comfortable with editing the articles.

Recording Engineer

A Recording Engineer records a session, processes the recording, and prepares the edition’s Master USB memory sticks. You will need reasonable knowledge of personal computers, and some knowledge of audio and electronics would help. We will give you full training.

Production Assistant

A Production Assistant is part of a small team that logs in returned Listeners’ memory sticks, duplicates new recordings onto blank memory sticks, and logs them out to the Listeners. We will train you in all aspects of barcode logging and memory stick duplication.

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