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It’s possible to use an Amazon Alexa device (e.g. an Amazon Echo smart speaker) to listen to our Podcast. There are three different ways to listen:

To use TuneIn with Amazon Alexa, you don’t need to install or enable anything beforehand – it’s built-in to Alexa. All you need to do to start listening is to say:

Alexa, play the podcast FATN Talking News

If Alexa doesn’t understand this, you can start the podcast with the following phrase instead:

Alexa, play FATN Talking News from TuneIn

You can use the following commands while the podcast’s playing:

Alexa, pause

Alexa, resume

Alexa, restart

To pause, resume or restart playback

Alexa, next episode

Alexa, previous episode

To jump to the next or previous episode

Alexa, fast forward two minutes

Alexa, rewind one minute

To skip forward or back by a set number of miuntes

Please refer to Amazon’s Alexa Podcast help page for more information.

You can also listen to our editions on TuneIn here:

The BWBF Talking Newspapers Skill allows your Alexa device to play our BWBF-hosted editions, using simple and intuitive voice commands. The first step is to add BWBF’s Skill to Alexa by saying:

Alexa, enable Talking Newspaper

To start using the BWBF Skill, say:

Alexa, open Talking Newspaper

Alexa will then ask you for the name of the Talking Newspaper that you want to listen to. Say one of the following:

FATN Alton

FATN Farnham

FATN Fleet

FATN Haslemere

FATN Monthly Magazine

Alexa then says the name of the edition that it thinks you’ve requested. Say “Yes” to confirm, and the recording starts playing from the beginning.

Other useful commands:

Alexa, ask talking newspaper for FATN Alton

To start the BWBF Skill and play the Alton edition immediately

Alexa, next track

Alexa, previous track

To move between tracks during playback
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