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Online services during the Coronavirus period

FATN Talking News is running a restricted service during the Coronavirus period. We’re making a single combined weekly edition, which is available online on this website’s “Recordings” page. If you’re helping a listener who doesn’t have internet access, you can download the edition as follows:

  1. Click Here to go to FATN Talking News’s Dropbox online file-store;
  2. Click the “Download” button (at top-right of page), and select “Direct download”;
  3. Un-ZIP the downloaded ZIP-file, and copy its files onto the listener’s USB stick.

Downloads for each weekly edition will be available from the Saturday of that week. Please visit our website and Facebook page regularly for updates and information.

FATN Talking News (formerly known as The Farnham & Alton Talking Newspapers) is a charity that provides high quality recordings of local newspapers to visually impaired people.

We are one of the oldest Talking Newspaper charities in the UK. We were founded in 1971, at first using borrowed equipment to create Talking Book tapes for 18 Listeners in Farnham. Our charity has grown from this modest start, and we now deliver Talking News editions every week to approximately 200 Listeners. We have a busy team of about 80 volunteers, and are based in a studio in Farnham. We’re members of the Talking News Federation (TNF), which supports local Talking Newspapers in the UK.

The region that we cover has expanded from its original Farnham base. Each week we produce four separate recordings of the Weekly Newspapers, covering:

Waverley, Rushmoor, Hart, Surrey Heath and East Hampshire.

We also produce a monthly magazine, and provide this to Listeners each month in addition to that week’s edition.

The technology we use has also evolved, from analogue recording onto Talking Book tapes to digital recording onto USB memory sticks. We are also developing our web and online services.

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