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Our recordings are available via Google Nest devices and other Google services. You can play our recordings:

Google Podcasts

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Google Nest

To play our current edition as a Podcast on a Google Nest smart speaker or Google Home device, say:

OK Google, play the FATN Talking News Podcast

While you’re listening you can use these phrases to control playback:

OK Google, previous episode

OK Google, next episode

To play a different edition

OK Google, forwards two minutes

OK Google, back thirty seconds

To step forward or backwards in the recording by a set amount

OK Google, speak slower

OK Google, speak faster

OK Google, speak normal speed

To control the playback speed

Please refer to the Google Support page for more information.

You can also use these phrases with a Google Assistant-enabled device.

Web Browser

The simplest way to listen to our recordings in a web browser is as follows:

  1. Click on the “Listen on Google Podcasts” link (or the Badge at the top of this page) to go to our Google Podcasts page:
  2. In the list of available episodes, find the edition you’d like to listen to (e.g. “Monthly Magazine”) and click its “Play” button;
  3. Our recording will start playing. Use the controls at the bottom of the page to pause & re-start playback, step forward & backward, change the playback speed, or drag the cursor along the time-line.
  4. Optional: click on the “Subscribe” button to tell Google Podcasts to remember FATN Talking News for you.
Google Podcasts App Logo

Google Podcasts App

The Google Podcasts App is available for Android or Apple mobile devices. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Install the app on your mobile device, and open it;
  2. In the Search-box type “FATN Talking News” as the search-term. The FATN Podcast will appear in the results page;
  3. Tap on either “FATN Talking News” or “More episodes” to see all our editions;
  4. Optional: tap the “Subscribe” button to tell Google Podcasts to remember FATN Talking News for you.
  5. Find the edition you want, and tap its “Play” button;
  6. The recording starts playing, and its name & logo appears at the bottom of the app screen. Tap on the edition’s name to bring up the edition’s playback controls.

NB: If you’ve signed in to Google, your Google Nest device’s Podcast player, web browser and Google Podcasts app will all remember the podcast you’re currently playing and how much has been played.


BWBF Service on Google Nest

To play our BWBF-hosted audio on Google Nest, say:

OK Google, talk to Talking Newspaper

The BWBF service will say a few words about itself, then ask you which newspaper you want to listen to. Say one of the following:

FATN Talking News Alton

FATN Talking News Farnham

FATN Talking News Fleet

FATN Talking News Haslemere

The BWBF service will say the name of the newspaper that it thinks you asked for. Say “Yes” to confirm the selection. The edition will then start playing.

The following commands are available to control playback:

OK Google, next track

Skip forwards to the next track
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